Model E/W/WR/W40

Model E

Side and front walls are made of Liderfoam panels 18mm. This model keeps the same profile system which, combined with our own panels and polyester, delivers outstanding strength and endurance without compromising lightness and our characteristic elegant look.

Regulations about weight are becoming more and more strict, although this model keeps compliance with them as it is the lightest body in the market. This is perfect for your 3.5 to. vehicle, if you seek for maximizing loading capacity or want to build our bodies on electrical or gas-powered vehicles.

A wide variety of options available

Model W/WR/W40

Side and front walls are made of Liderfoam panels. This model features lightness and strength at the same time, becoming suitable for vehicles up to 26 tonnes. The full body can be personalized as the manufacture of our own panels allows to insert different reinforcements.

channel or recessed elements in the panels. Another possible application of this model, as its panels contain an insulating foam core, is the isothermal transport, when products require light insulation inside the body, such as bread, confectionery and flowers.

Three variants are available depending on the characteristics of the load: the basic set-up, with Liderfoam 30mm panels (W), a reinforced version with outer face of panels in polyester 2.5mm (WR) and a third version with panels 40mm thick (W40). Ask for the most convenient option for your needs.

All our bodies have a 2-year guarantee