The floor is an essential part of the box. For this reason, we have different finishes depending on the needs of the goods transported, the conditions and the needs of the customers:

Polyester fiber in one piece (blue, red, grey)
Phenolic wood
Polyester Antislip in one piece (blue, grey)
Polyester/Aluminium barley corn in one piece
  • Simple floors are made of phenolic wood. Thicknesses available are 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30. Top finish may be polyester or aluminium.
  • The insulating floors are composed of a mixed core of wood and XPS, reinforced with internal wooden crossbars. This type of floor is available 56, 69 and 90 mm thick.
  • The self-supporting floor version is based on the concept of insulating floor, adding internally pressed aluminium crossbars to achieve optimum floor fixing to the chassis. This allows the kit to be mounted directly on the floor without the need for a subframe. Crossbars also allow fixing additional elements such as mudguards.