Liderkit Group, por dentro: Juan Jesús Álvarez

30 Mar 2015 | Capital Humano, News

“What I like most about the Liderkit Group is the perseverance in improving its products day by day, both in quality and in its manufacture in the different assembly lines,” says Juan Jesús Álvarez, operator in charge of preparing frames and placing the corresponding reinforcements. So that everything is perfect in the final assembly of the product.

This professional from Bailen, who is currently working in the frame welding section, has been workingat the Liderkit Group for more than 11 years and confesses that one of the biggest difficulties he encountered at the beginning was learning the name of each of his workmates, as he explains, “he had never worked in a company with so many workers”.

In addition, Juan Jesús points out three keys that he considers to be the success of Liderkit: “formality and seriousness, being able to have all kinds of preventive material for the safety of the worker, and the commitment and dedication on the part of the management to continue improving the product and continue expanding the market in more countries”.