Liderkit incorporates sliding side doors in isothermal bodies

8 Jun 2022 | New products, News

Liderkit is developing a new sliding door system for isothermal or refrigerated vehicles that maintains constant temperatures inside. In this way, the body keeps insulating conditions inside, guaranteeing the optimal state of any product or merchandise that is transported.

This mechanism is specially designed for last mile distribution, cause the door opens in parallel to the sidewall panel and requires less space to open, so it makes opening and closing movements faster to achieve a quick and more efficient loading and unloading. The system make work in urban areas easier.

New sliding door system for isothermal bodies

Until now, Liderkit offered this type of access for bodies made of aluminium, polyester or sandwich panels. However, isothermal bodies need a different and more sophisticated insulating system, as stored products are not ready to suffer sudden changes of temperature, specially frozen products.

Elegant and clean design with Liderkit’s guarantee

The new sliding side door from Liderkit is made up of insulating LIDERfoam® panel (external face of polyester, insulating core of PUR and internal face of polyester) and an EPDM rubber around it. Thanks to these two materials, a double hermetic seal is achieved. And it incorporates a mechanism to retain the sliding door when it is completely open.

Another advantage is that the system does not protrude from body, adding an elegant and clean design, this is main characteristic of kits and products by Liderkit, which give uniqueness to kits.