Liderkit increases its turnover by almost 25% in 2023 and expands its human capital to 240 employees

2 Apr 2024 | Export, Kofferaufbauten, News, R&D, Sustainability, Trade

The Spanish company Liderkit has ended the 2023 financial year with very positive results, registering a turnover of approximately 46 million euros, which represents an increase of nearly 25% compared to the previous year.

Sales evolution

In addition, during 2023, a total of 8,323 bodies of its different models have been manufactured, an increase of more than 15% in production compared to figures achieved in 2022.

International expansion and increase of human team

As contemplated in its strategic growth plan, Liderkit has expanded its commercial presence in five new countries during 2023, an expansion which demonstrates the company’s commitment to explore new markets and strengthen operations globally. In this sense, the Andalusian company is once again positioned as a leading company in the national and international road transport market with an export rate of 55%. Today, there are already 63 countries in five continents where products manufactured by Liderkit are operating.

These favourable figures for Liderkit have had a positive impact on its human team, evidenced by a growth of more than 10% of workforce in its production centres, reaching 240 qualified professionals.

Hiring evolution

Innovation and respect for the environment

In 2023, Liderkit developed different innovative products and solutions, one of its main objectives throughout its history, which pursues the continuous improvement of its body sets in terms of quality and aesthetics.

One of these outstanding references has been the new curtainsider/semi-curtainsider body which is sent to the customer in kit format, designed with an easy and fast assembly system that allows bodybuilders to assemble the kit safely in short time.

Another of the areas subject to analysis by Liderkit in 2023 has been the search for more sustainable bodies, resulting in the creation of the most eco-friendly model in its catalogue thanks to the photocatalytic coating applied to the polyester used in panels, and also the new LiderPET panel, made with recycled and recyclable PET core.

In addition, with the aim of guaranteeing a more sustainable activity for the environment, Liderkit has received the SDG and Circular Objective Certificate, granted by the international verification entity EQA; and has got its Carbon Footprint verified, making it clear that its environmental impact is lower than most companies’ in the sector.

In this way, Liderkit’s R&D department is working on a project, started in 2023, to produce a recycled and recyclable Ecopanel through the revaluation of other discarded materials. Currently, the company keeps with development phase, carrying out tests and research for the execution of this eco-friendly product.

Recognition of innovation and effort

In 2023, Liderkit has been awarded with different prizes given by financial institutions and public and private organizations for Excellence in Andalusian SMEs. They recognize a brilliant evolution throughout more than three decades and the constant investment in R&D as well as the outstanding business career of its president Miguel Peragón Espinosa.