Liderkit shows its solidarity and support to Ukraine

4 Mar 2022 | News

From Liderkit we want to show our firm support and solidarity to all the people and businesses in Ukraine, which have been hit by war attacks and bombings since last week. Three years ago, in May 2019, Liderkit could release wonderful news about the exportation of our kits to that distant place in Ukraine, thanks to an important distribution agreement achieved after long and hard efforts by the Sales Department in Liderkit.

After this meeting, a group of Ukrainian delegates Liderkit’s facilities in Guarroman to know the production process and technology used for manufacturing our bodies, and then, sales representatives from Liderkit including Miguel Sánchez and Céline Thomas did the same by travelling to the Slavic country.

Sales representatives from Liderkit in Ukraine
This first attempt was the beginning of a commercial relationship which led Liderkit to deliver a relevant amount of kits in different models, this collaboration lead both parties to the present day in order to give an answer to the transport sector in the Ukrainian country.

From Liderkit we hope this war situation will get over soon and end up in a peace agreement which allow a hard-working people to recover normality.