Pedro Expósito: Commercial department

24 Oct 2023 | Capital Humano, News, Uncategorized

Pedro Expósito is a member of the Sales Department of Liderkit and he tells about his career for five years and his function in the team he is. In addition, he highlights the humane treatment with his customers and the importance of participating in show trades of transport sector.

Pedro has just completed five years in Liderkit, which began by completing external practices offered by the university where he studied. It was the opportunity to arose to better understand the sector in which the company works.

“It was totally unknown to me and I faced it with some misgivings, but with great desire at the same time.”

As the practices progressed, he obtained experience in the department. He is thankful to his team his early years, so Pedro could develop a great interest in the sector and a strong determination to contribute to the success of Liderkit.

What he especially likes about his job is the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, which leads to meaningful personal relationships and friendships over time. These facts helps him to grow professionally and personally, although he must face great challenges and adapt to unknown situations.

Thanks to the knowledge obtained from other cultures during his travels, it allow him to understand the specific needs of each market and adapt the product appropriately. In this way, customized solutions are offered, promoting collaboration and exchange of ideas between the markets of each country.

“One of the most significant “challenges” I have faced recently was the opportunity to travel to the United States and Africa this year with Miguel Sánchez (Export Manager)”.

Pedro Exposito indicates that he had not previously had the rewarding experience of travelling so far for work reasons. On this trip he had the opportunity to interact with other cultures and hold business meetings, a fact that taught him the importance of having the ability to adapt and the constant learning.

“The expansion of Liderkit is a significant achievement that represents great growth potential and an exciting opportunity for the Sales Department. This considerable increase reflects the success of its export strategy and its ability to adapt to the needs and demands of the different markets in which we work”.

The interviewed salesman comments the key points of the strategy proposed by Liderkit in export. It allows the company that its expansion in recent years has been so significant, exceeding 60 countries on 5 continents:

  • Liderkit’s flexibility allows products to be adapted to market needs, being the main strength for national and international success.
  • The quality of the product, because the reputation of the brand is essential to maintain and expand its presence.
  • Human and family treatment, promoting customer trust and well-being.

About its participation in the transportation sector, Liderkit will soon participate in in the International Exhibition of Solutions for Road and Urban Transportation (Solutrans 2023). The company’s commercial team assures that they have high expectations and forecasts about the presence at this fair, as in previous years.

The presence of the leading company in the sector will allow us to strengthen existing relationships, establish new ones and, most importantly, as Pedro indicates, “provide our current clients with a first-hand view of our innovations and cutting-edge solutions”.

Pedro Expósito concludes by insisting that he firmly trusts that the news and advances which will be presented will generate great interest. The objective is to stand out as leaders in innovation, quality and sustainability, being this show trade an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to the sector.

“This international event is an exceptional platform to connect with professionals and leading companies in the transportation and logistics industry. “We are confident that we will make the most of this unique platform”.