Javier Talavera: new R+D+I Responsible

27 Jan 2023 | Capital Humano, News, R&D

Javier Talavera started working at the leading body kit company in June 2006. However, he has previously worked at an automotive company whose work was verifying stamping and welding parts. Javier points out that this experience was a great advantage when he began his work at Liderkit, representing a great leap in his professional career.

“My work evolved from verifying parts to designing them”

Since he began to be part of the team, he faced the great challenge of rotating through the different technical departments. But, above all, he points out that, despite having faced all kind of projects with different difficulties, in collaboration with his team he has been able to overcome them.

Javier noted that one of the biggest challenges that were proposed to him, the implementation and programming of CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control), a department in which he has also been responsible for several years until he current moved to R+D+I department. For that, he formed his own team to adapt these machines to daily production of the products offered by Liderkit.

“To overcome all these projects, the secret lies in experience and knowledge of the product, materials and processes”

After 17 years as part of Liderkit’s office staff, our workmate says that the part he likes the most of his job is seeing how his work develops successfully. Feeling that effort and time invested in a project are important to improve the product and to reduce production time.

“What I like the most about my job is carrying out any project from the moment it is just an idea until it materializes in a new product, an improvement, or just a solution to facilitate daily work”

Just a few months ago, he began to be part of R+D+I department (Research, Development and Innovation) as a responsible. Since he has this new position, his work in the company consists of studying the proposals and improvements requested by different departments. He is responsible for examining the problem and looking for possible solutions.

After suggestions are raised, his job is to analyse viability, to offer a result and to coordinate it so that it develops successfully.

For this year 2023, Javier Talavera mentions that the most notable project in which he is involved is the design, development and production of a new body model that is quite different from other models that Liderkit has.

“With Liderkit’s current means, many parts which were subcontracted or purchased from other suppliers can be manufactured”.

Thanks to the fact that company is able to take care of manufacturing a large number of its own parts, the possibility of creating new body models to market increases considerably. At this point, R+D+I department is immersed in the design of a new canvas type body, based on the production of most of the components at Liderki facilities.

This new model is presently being studied and in design phase of the parts that will compose the prototype. However, Javier is optimistic and claims that he hopes to soon be able to show the progress that is being done, and closer results of what the final product that the client will purchase will be like.