Liderkit Group, por dentro: José Antonio Jiménez

8 Oct 2014 | Capital Humano, News

In workspaces such as factories, where the loading and unloading of heavy material and its transfer from one part of the premises to another is especially important, it is essential to have a series of forklifts that facilitate these movements. In the same way, it is necessary that these industrial vehicles are driven by professionals whose seriousness, responsibility and efficiency are the three main maxims in terms of the work to be carried out.

Precisely, one of the operators that Liderkit Group has for this task is José Antonio Jiménez. This 40-year-old from Huelva began his professional career at the facilities of the Jaen company six years ago. From that moment until today, this training administrator carries out his work as a forklift driver, within the Warehouse Department.

Through the handling of this industrial wheelbarrow, José Antonio is in charge of supplying the necessary work material to the different warehouses that make up the Guarromán factory, as well as making sure that the containers are perfectly clean and tidy.

One of the most important points that stands out about the Liderkit Group is the ability of each and every one of the professionals that make up the business group to face the economic crisis. “My beginnings in the company were quite prosperous, since it coincided with a time in which we lived moments of great volume of work.” Later, with the crisis, “we entered a pothole”, but “we have managed to get out of these critical moments with a great effort on the part of everyone, and we hope to continue at this level”.