New model for Piaggio vehicles

20 Feb 2024 | Kofferaufbauten, News

Liderkit, the body kits company, is characterized by developing custom bodywork. Their designs are very varied, customized in terms of dimensions and accessories by their clients. Each body is unique and designed especially for a purpose.

A few months ago, the important vehicle manufacturer Piaggio trusted the leading company in the sector to begin working together. The Italian firm proposed to design and develop a new special body model for the brand’s vehicles.

Piaggio: custom design

The main objective of this body was to create a unique design that is easily recognizable by users. For this reason, the Liderkit technical team was in charge of developing a body with special characteristics, that means a completely different design from the rest of the bodies in the market.

After months of study and designing, Piaggio’s management team has been satisfied with the proposal. Once the functionality of the body has been verified, Liderkit puts this model on sale, accessible to any bodybuilder with this type of vehicle anywhere in the world.

The final body has two sides with sliding doors made of Liderfoam® panel, allowing greater effectiveness in the loading and unloading of merchandise. These are very light and resistant sides, which allow work in small spaces.

In addition, it has a double rear door to facilitate access to the interior of the body, also with own-manufactured Liderfoam® panels.

The roof is made of polyester, with a curved design on both sides. It aesthetically improves the whole body, but the most important factor is that it improves the payload capacity of a conventional vehicle.

Piaggio: lightness, resistance and quality

One of the main goals to design this body was to apply lightweight materials that were strong and durable. That is why front deflector that joins the body to the vehicle cabin, and bottom fairings, which functions as bumpers, are made of polyester. This material is very resistant, light and gives an elegant view. Allowing repairs to be simple and cost-effective too, compared to the use of other materials.

The vertical deflector has been incorporated into the design to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. These elements provide elegance and resistance to the set.

The weight of the body is considerably reduced, and, thanks to the use of the best quality materials, it allows greater resistance and durability of the assembly and safety of the transported merchandise.

At Liderkit, a total of 50 assembled units have already been shipped, and 200 more units are expected to be manufactured in the coming months. The kit format is the main shipping method of this exclusive model for Piaggio vehicles. Staff of the bodybuilding companies will be in charge of assembling and chassis fitting of this new model easily and quickly. Liderkit will provide assembly instructions with a video tutorial and all the necessary material so that anyone can assemble this body.