Gabi Winkler: sales representative in Germany

18 Jan 2024 | Capital Humano, News

The bodies manufactured by Liderkit are found all over the world. Currently, there are more than 60 countries where the company frequently exports. One of the sales representatives responsible for the markets in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg for 18 years is Gabi Winkler.

When asked about the evolution of Liderkit since its inception, this German saleswoman says, “Liderkit continues to develop”. “Always customer-oriented and focused on growth through diversity and individuality in its development”.

| “We are an established player in vehicle construction in the regions I work on and are able to deliver individual units as well as large series”.

The most valued kits by the German public are those models composed by Plywood (Liderwood ®) and Sandwich (Liderfoam®) panels. However, traditional aluminum kits are still popular. In addition, one of the most demanded models by all Liderkit customers are isotherms. The frequency that the German market demands this product has grown in the last 10 years. In addition, orders of individual components such as roofs, doors or own manufactured panels, which are increasingly valued by customers, are growing every day.

” The customer base extends across the country and we are known for every vehicle construction company”.

Gabi Winkler believes that the variety of options is especially appreciated by customers. Liderkit is becoming a manufacturer of individual solutions, and this stands out as a great quality sign.

A good product, in addition to guaranteeing the highest quality, must observe delivery times and their compliance. Among Liderkit’s strengths are price stability, fast response to inquiries and constant telephone and/or face-to-face support.

“We count on a qualified design department and state-of-the-art production facilities in the manufacture of our products” .

From 17th to 22nd September 2024, the IAA Transportation, the international trade show will be held in Hannover. For the ninth time in a row, Liderkit will participate with its own stand. For this reason, Gabi highlights that this event demonstrates customers’ proximity and offers customers from all over the world the opportunity to meet us in this area.

“The IAA is definitely a driving force for our exports”.