José Manuel Garrote: IT manager

28 Jul 2023 | Capital Humano, News

José Manuel Garrote is our IT Manager and Sage X3 Senior Consultant in Liderkit, with 14 years experience.

He began his work at the company in January 2009. Initially, he was subcontracted through a computer systems business in Andújar. When the managers saw him recovering data from a laptop, after seeing his interest in computing and the quick resolution of problems faced by the company, Liderkit offered him to take care of the maintenance of the entire structure of the Liderkit’s computer system.

“One year later they offered me to be part of the Liderkit staff, to be in charge of the computer system, the start-up and subsequent management of Sage X3 (ERP)”.

Right now, he is a Systems Analyst, but he points out that his main job in the company is the continuous development of Sage X3. In fact, he has no hesitation when asked about his biggest challenge: the implementation of the Sage X3 ERP system since he was part of the Liderkit team. The system was not working yet and José Manuel took over this task.

The current IT Manager started this project with no prior knowledge of the system. It was then when he began to analyse the departments of the company. With the help of the Acoremp consultancy, when it was still a small company, he support José Manuel completely to train him and make him the Sage X3 consultant at Liderkit.

“I would like to make a special mention to Yolanda, because today I owe her what I am as a Sage X3 Consultant. I met the right person in the right moment, and I am lucky that today she is my friend and I have learned so much from her”.

He states that his work is very rewarding, especially at Liderkit, which is a company in continuous evolution and helps him to face new challenges, allowing his workers to acquire new knowledge all the time. In fact, José Manuel points out that he is lucky to have had the opportunity to work at Liderkit because as he says, “for me it is not work, it is enjoying day by day”.

“We are a big family; we are all walking in the same direction and today we have managed to form an unwavering human team”.

When asked about the importance of implementing an ERP in medium and large companies, he answers that he considers it essential. For example, in Liderkit, it has been possible for the salesperson to get a quote from a product configurator by filling some technical fields.

José Manuel achieved to make the process of issuing an order very simple: the salesperson begins by recording the quote and, after the client’s acceptance, the delivery date is supplied by the system itself, observing the data it manages from the rest of departments.

The commercial has updates at all times of each order to inform the client, showing the ongoing production phase. The system shows information orders processed by the Purchasing department, the calculations issued by the Technical Office, the availability of the necessary materials in the warehouse, the Expeditions route sheet… Tracing integral process of each product sold.

In addition, internally Liderkit has an MRP management for the manufacture of components used in production processes. So, when sending and declaring a product as finished and delivered, the invoice is also sent to the client and their payment is tracked correctly.

“The customer gets great benefit from our managing labour, because he receives a high quality product on time, with improved lead times and faster delivery every time”.

If a customer makes a claim, it is managed within the system, associating it with the sales order and all the data appears in the product history. In other words, all production is managed in the same system, encompassing the activity of all departments. This is one of the main reasons why the implementation of this ERP has been a complete success for Liderkit.

José Manuel, points out that the costs have been reduced considerably and the benefits increase every year. And it is that, in large part, this fact is due to the good use of the information through this system. The company improves day by day the management, the production phases and the quality of the product, with the low number of complaints received being a fact that shows that the system used is correct.

“Liderkit is a company that is committed to continuous growth. We have no problem making investments, because we are clear that investment always gives us a better result than what we had”.