Liderkit Group, por dentro: Antonio M. Gutiérrez

10 Feb 2015 | Capital Humano, News

The role of Antonio M. Gutiérrez at Liderkit Group is crucial, since he is in charge of controlling quality within the production process that takes place at the company’s facilities, located in Guarromán. A task that, after all, constitutes one of the determining processes to determine the degree of customer satisfaction and thus avoid possible claims or requests for subsequent modifications.

In addition, its function is even more relevant, if possible, since Liderkit Group’s production method integrates and controls all stages of product development, so it is essential to meet strict delivery deadlines and carry out work and projects within a period of very limited time.

Born in Jaen, at 35 years old, Antonio has already been working in the Andalusian company for more than 17 years, where he shares an apartment with other workmates such as Antonio Momblant, among others.

Antonio would remark the satisfaction and pride of the company where he has spent almost half his life “to be able to see how other companies have gone bankrupt, and the Liderkit Group has been recovering little by little”.