Liderkit starts a new year with important news

11 Jan 2024 | New products, News, Sustainability

A new year begins in which Liderkit foresees an increase in production and hiring. The leading company in the sector will present great news and advances that will highlight 2024. For the third year in a row, 2023 has broken the sales record.

Although the aesthetics, elegance, resistance and lightness of the bodies of Liderkit stand out as a differential value in the market, the members of the Liderkit team strive to seek continuous improvements in these aspects. That is why more and more customers are trusting this company to design and manufacture their body kits.

This year, the curtainsider and semi-curtainsider model developed by Liderkit’s R&D department will be available for commercialization. With the aesthetics and quality of the company’s body kit, customers could start ordering this new model, with a variety of options and accessories at their disposal.

Hand in hand with the new year, we continue working on new goals, such as sustainability and reducing environmental impact. There are several environmental innovations that Liderkit is currently working on. One of them, announced at the end of last year, is the manufacture of our panels and fiberglass with components from recycled PET bottles. This plastic material provides rigidity and resistance to the panel.

In the short term, we will announce the manufacture of our first sustainable panels. It is a new panel model, LiderPET, with a core made from the recycling of PET bottles too. . At the same time, once the useful life of the body is over, the panel can be recycled and revalued, with the waste obtained being incorporated as raw material into our production process All this without neglecting its high resistance despite its lightness.

Along the same lines, the ECOPANEL, manufactured from the shredding of discarded panels, continues to be studied and developed. To this end, during 2024 the construction of a new shed dedicated exclusively to the recycling, processing, recovery of these panels will generate new jobs.

All these developments will be presented by Liderkit at international level as it will participate for the ninth consecutive time in the biennial International Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) the most important trade show held in Hannover (Germany) between 17th and 22nd September 2024.

These are some of the new projects that the company will bring out along the year, just with a key purpose to meet and exceed: build loyalty among customers and offer the best service from an expert professional team.