Fátima Muñoz: Marketing department

25 May 2023 | Capital Humano, News

We have talked with Fátima, a member of the Marketing Department, to learn more about her activity in the company. She starts telling that one of the greatest strength of Liderkit is its ability to innovate. She stands out that the different departments are in constant growth, looking for new materials and resources that improve the quality of the product, and to increase their catalogue. It is in this capacity to innovate that she relies on to develop advertising.

“Advertising is designed depending on the way and support to which it is directed, and what we are interested in advertising at that moment. But generally, I try to highlight the novelties or special designs, our well-known “tailored to suit your needs”, which makes us different”.

She adds that it is the best way to demonstrate the company’s versatility, since it has the necessary means to develop any project.

Fátima creates the content that is published on social networks, mentioning that it is important that all companies have public profiles to advertise their services. And, according to statistics, it is more than 85% of Spaniards and almost 60% of the world population who have profiles on social networks, and the figure is expected to increase exponentially. Therefore, it considers that it is the main means for anyone in any corner of the world to see what Liderkit is without having to know the company beforehand.

Liderkit’s social networks accounts are always active, generating content every 2 or 3 days, depending on the week and the information to highlight. But they are always attentive to their followers, answering their comments and messages. In addition, the company adapts the content to what users want to see it, with always up-to-date news.

Currently, Fatima is working on different projects, but she is mainly concerned with the image that customers perceive of the company. It oversees keeping the information it offers up to date, a task in which different departments are also involved, which tell her what the latest changes are so that the documentation is updated. But, in addition, she is collaborating in the organization of the next international trade show of the sector, so that it will surely be a success as in previous editions.

She emphasizes that she is working on some news about environmental friendliness that will come into existence soon. Liderkit stands out for being pioneers in obtaining different certificates that verify the company’s concern for the environmental impact.

Advances on environmental issues are first disseminated internally, informing of the necessary changes in production. And then it is published on social networks and press releases in different media.

“The strategy that works better on this issue is transparency. We show our progress supported by certifications and approvals that demonstrate the veracity of our projects in relation with the environment”.

When we ask Fatima about the marketing strategy applied to the company, she mentions that she cares about both online and offline presence.

Traditional marketing is applied with the appearance of Liderkit in the printed press, either through advertisements, interviews, or reports. In addition, the company stands out for its attendance at highly prestigious sector fairs, where labour relations are strengthened through close and familiar treatment towards customers. There, they are provided with printed catalogues, magazines, and booklets to learn about the services.

But, especially in these times, digital marketing has grown and must be constantly renewed. The information that the company has is always updated and digitised, with a new web page design that adapts to the aesthetics and values of the brand.

In addition, it once again highlights the importance of social networks, and the adaptation of the content to the interests of the users, looking for weekly what to publish and in what way. The leaders in the sector have profiles on the most important social networks worldwide: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

In turn, Liderkit’s management team constantly offers radio and television interviews to the mass media, so that potential clients can learn about their services.

Also, Fatima reports on the creation of a new online store, which “right now is only available in Spanish and as a beta version, with some products for sale that customers can already start buying”. However, she announces that it is a complicated and extensive task, that there is still time left for Liderkitshop to be working one hundred percent.

When talking about creativity as one of the qualities that a marketing manager must have, she answers that she does not have a specific source of inspiration. Any detail, whether it’s news or advertising seen on social networks, even a comment from someone you know can help you in your inventiveness. However, he states that he is interested in analysing the corporate identities of brands that are not as well known.

“I like to learn from other designers who are not so well known. Not only see the result, but their creative process”.

Furthermore, she confirms that the most important thing in a creative process is not to focus on the first idea, but to let it evolve into something different.

Finally, Fátima concludes by mentioning the points that, according to her, differentiate a good marketing director from an exceptional one. Highlights:

  • Be open to suggestions and listen to ideas.
  • The constant learning.
  • Creativity and imagination.
  • A touch of spontaneity in a completely planned idea.
  • That he/she likes his position even knowing the responsibility he/she has because the decisions directly affect the client.

“When you like your work, the projects and the team work better”.