LiderPET: new recycled and recyclable panel

25 Jan 2024 | New products, News, Sustainability

Liderkit, the leading body kit company, offers its customers a new type of panel for their bodies. This is the LiderPET panel, with a recycled and recyclable PET core, with densities between 80 and 300 kg/m3. Its properties are excellent, highlighting its flexural strength of approximately 55 kPa, and adhesion of the faces with a resistance of more than 114 kPa. So far, it had three types of panels with great success among customers: Liderfoam®, Liderwood® and Lidercomb®.

The company has other panels developed by the R+D+i department through the NOVELCOV-19 and ECOTRANS projects, where polyester can be subjected to a photocatalytic process that allows the interior of the body to be self-cleaned, and decontaminates environment by applying it to the exterior face. In particular, the polyester can undergo a photocatalytic process that allows self-cleaning of the interior of the bodywork and decontamination of the environment by applying it to the exterior surface. This is, without a doubt, one of the most promising sustainable resources developed by the company.

The polyester used is produced with a recycled PET-based resin. This material provides resistance and aims at curbing the environmental impact, combined with other applications that the company is working on. This polyester used in panels may incorporate a core made of recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), provides unique qualities as part of the body.

PET material has excellent properties, including its good chemical and thermal resistance, corrosion and wear resistance, and adaptability to different manufacturing technologies such as extrusion, injection or thermoforming, among others. But the fact that stands out the most in this panel is that it is recycled and recyclable due to the fact that it is a thermoplastic with a high degree of crystallinity.

Used and recycled bottles, containers and caps are the main source of raw material for obtaining recycled PET. Therefore, we start from the idea that PET has been recycled previously and possibly several times before becoming part of the useful life of a body.

Want to see a comparison of our four panels? Here they are:

The use of one panel or the other should be selected depending on the purpose of the body The properties of LiderPET are, without a doubt, really flattering.

The use of this new panel and the application of a photocatalytic process on its exterior polyester face to achieve the most environmentally friendly body on the market!